Bring your Business Phone Systems to the Cloud



Many of our phones offer rapid call handling and the application of accessories such as a Bluetooth USB Dongle and a Wi-Fi USB Dongle.

Easy to use Interface

Easy to use and accessible touch screens with a variety of features and customizations to fit all of your needs.

Line Indication Features

A variety of line status features with active line indication, and number. Easily swap calls, park, unpark, and multi-party conferencing.

Hardware Features

Navigational knob, voicemail indicator, dedicated hold buttons, high quality handset and cradle.

Cut Costs

Find out how 1,000 of Fonify’s customers saved over 37% on their monthly telecom bills.

Innovative Features

Manage your entire phone system through an online portal, record and receive call reporting.

Easy Setup

A representative will guide you through the process to ensure that there is essentially no downtime.

Why Fonify?

Because our business cares about yours. We do things differently, we strive on building a relationship, installing your phone system, and doing a thorough training until you feel comfortable. We are here to make your phone system the least of your worries. We give you all the tools to manage your phone system through a web portal, and even your mobile phone.